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Luxury car rental in Dubai

Love driving cars in Dubai? Oh, we know you do! It is the playing ground for the most luxurious cars in the world. Talking about that, let us take you through one such car – the majestic Bentley. There is no denying that no one can reach its elegance, comfort, and power in today’s world. It is a favorite of the tourists and locals in the UAE already. So, it is time you also possess one for a few days as you visit this luxurious city. 

Founded in 1919, Bentley’s has become renowned for extraordinary cars and innovative engineering. You will find the highest quality craftsmanship by checking out the interiors and exteriors of the car. Our customers were equally renowned, and helped cement Bentley’s reputation for high performance with their racing exploits.

Bentley cars are undoubtedly a marvel in themselves. Don’t trust us? Visit Be VIP rent a car and rent one yourself to feel the thrill! You can check some of the top models of Bentley available for rent in Dubai. Let us also talk about its excellent features, benefits, and ideal places to move this beauty around in the United Arab Emirates. 

So, what are the advantages? Of course, it incorporates long-haul guarantees and certifications. You do not have to feel bad about that minor sound in the front engine or the AC vent. Just reach out to the mechanics or visit us directly for any concerns. Happy to help! 

Then comes sustainability. At a time when the whole world is gripped with the fear of global warming and the greenhouse effect, the Bentley owners made sure to make the car sustainable while keeping it comfortable. Did you know that their Crewe Site is carbon neutral? Well, that calls for another reason to rent a Bentley in Dubai, isn’t it? So, go ahead, live the Bentley life now! 


Bentley FAQ Section

Luxury car rental in Dubai

Bentley rental in Dubai ranges from 1000 AED to 4000 AED. The rental prices vary based on the model year and car type.

It costs 2500 AED to rent a Bentley Bentayga in Dubai. The Bentley Bentayga is the most exclusive and high-performance SUV car in the fleet of Be VIP Rent A Car.

The Bentley Continental GT offers an exceptional driving experience. A day’s rent of Continental GT is 3200 AED. At the same time, the convertible version would cost 3000 AED per day.

If you’re looking to Rent Bentley in Dubai, then there is only one place to visit i.e., BE VIP Rent A Car. BE VIP Rent A Car brings to you the experience and thrill of driving a Bentley in Dubai. Choose from a variety of luxurious Bentley models like the Bentley Continental GT for rent in Dubai or the Bentley Flying Spur for rent in Dubai. All the cars inside the BE VIP Rent A Car fleet are well-maintained and fully insured which gives you complete peace of mind while you’re driving the Bentley rental in Dubai. Contact us today to book your Bentley for rent in Dubai now!

Finding a cheap and affordable Bentley for rent in Dubai is easy. You can rent a Bentley in Dubai for a very good price at BE VIP Rent A Car. The rent of a Bentley in Dubai can be anywhere between 1600 AED to 2700 AED per day.

You can rent a Bentley in Dubai for a day from BE VIP Rent A Car. BE VIP Rent A Car offers Bentley in Dubai at the best price. The per day rental in Dubai starts from AED 1600 and goes up to AED 2700.

You can rent a Bentley in Dubai for an hour from BE VIP Rent A Car. There are different Bentley models which you can rent on hourly basis. Also, please remember that the per-hour rental is unusually higher compared to daily or weekly rental. So, for the best deal and discount on hourly rental, please connect with our team at +971522447777.

You will find a Bentley fun, loud, and fast! Moreover, the person driving the luxury car will get a lot of attention from Pedestrians, drivers and passengers in other cars. You can also get an attractive picture of the Bentley as you rent it for driving in Dubai. Bentleys are among the most popular supercar choices when you are in the UAE. Most tourists and locals often prefer taking a Bentley rental in Dubai for various purposes.

You must be at least 21 years of age and have a driving license to rent a car, like the Bentley in Dubai. You can further provide your Emirates ID and the UAE driving license if you are a resident of the UAE. Countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and GCC can provide their home country driving license too.

BE VIP Rent a Car provides various Bentley models for rent in Dubai. You can try driving a Continental GT, Flying Spur, and the Bentayga model, depending on your choice. Visit our official website to check out the exclusive range of Bentley cars for rent.