Rolls Royce For Rent in Dubai

When you plan to rent a Rolls-Royce, you really require that the place you are traveling to fits the car’s beauty and power. In Dubai, you find that the “scene” is right for your Rolls-Royce – the beauty of streets and civilized scenes, the elegant of Dubai places, the powerful and magnificent of Burj Khalifa, compliment perfectly your road with Rolls-Royce from Be VIP luxury car rental in Dubai.

You can rent a Rolls-Royce Wraith from Be VIP luxury car rental in Dubai to drive an impressive and powerful luxury sports coupe or for the most luxurious executive saloons on the road a Rolls-Royce Ghost will be the best choice for you.

A true luxury tour, renting a Rolls-Royce will set you miles apart from the crowd. A Rolls-Royce is instantly recognizable, and has become synonymous with success, excellence, aristocracy and prestige. You may want to rent a Rolls-Royce for the unique experience, or to make an unmistakable statement at a business meeting. A Rolls-Royce is also an extremely popular choice as a wedding car rental.


Rolls Royce FAQ Section

The cost to rent a Rolls-Royce starts from 2700AED with a security deposit. The Rolls-Royce offers a royal luxury feel with a quiet cabin while riding. Probably the best luxury car you can book during your stay in Dubai.

Depending on the model year and rentals, you get a Rolls Royce Cullinan in Dubai for a starting price rate of 4500AED per day. The Cullinan is considered the most ultra-expensive luxury SUV with unmarkable capabilities.

Generally, renting a Rolls Royce for an hour can cost between 800-1200AED. Besides, only a few companies tend to offer hourly rentals. Even if they do, there would be different rates for weekend and weekday hour rentals.

You can rent a Rolls-Royce or any car and hire the driver for an extra charge. Ten hours of service would typically cost you around 400-600AED. The price may vary during weekends and differ according to companies.