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Luxury car rental in Dubai

Ford is a legendary car company. It’s perhaps best known as the first auto manufacturer to automate production. Ford is about ticking all the boxes for owners, offering benchmark pricing, technical innovation and a family-focused car range. Yet Ford has a reputation for setting the standards for driver enjoyment, offering class-leading chassis dynamics.

Ford Mustang is a desirable sports car. It offers several effective powertrains and displays the corner-carving controlling ability, making sports cars desirable. The Mustang offers a smooth ride, has pleasant front seats, and looks good inside and out. The back seat isn’t that spacious, but you can state the same about almost every class rival.

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Luxury car rental in Dubai

A vehicle with power mixed with modern technology makes driving more of an experience than ever before; You can rent a Mustang in Dubai from as little as 600AED per day based on a seven-day rental; expect to pay more per day for shorter rentals.