BMW 740li

Anyone who has ever taken a seat in BMW 740Li for rent in Dubai knows what luxury feels like. Moreover, the BMW 7 Series impresses with its striking presence from the very first moment. The luxurious comfort of the Executive Lounge surrounds you from the moment you take your seat. Likewise, the massage function in the cockpit and rear seat provides soothing relaxation. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to operate individual functions quickly and conveniently. A new era of technology. Thus, both shorter journeys and longer journeys become unforgettable experiences.

Lexus LX 570 2021

Lexus LX 570 2021 for rent in Dubai is a full-size Luxury SUV available in Be VIP now. The new-look LX 570 2021 can be distinguished by a redesigned trademark-Lexus spindle grille and front bumper skirts, and new wheels. For years, the abundant luxury, effortless power, and rewarding off-roading capability have inspired LX drivers. Anyone lucky enough to drive the Lexus LX can tell you that it is more than just a luxury utility vehicle. It encourages those who desire a higher-level driving experience and unique exclusivity.

Lexus LX 570

Be VIP rent a car in Dubai offers new Lexus LX 570 rent in Dubai. The Lexus LX5 70 is equipped with advanced safety, comfort and quality features while maintaining high luxury standards for its driver and passengers. The Lexus LX 570 is designed for extraordinary versatility and an unusual combination of utility and luxury.

Lincoln Navigator 2019

The Lincoln Navigator 2019 for rent in Dubai ranked as number one in luxury large SUV cars in the fleet of Be VIP for luxury car rental in Dubai. Based on its luxury cabin, comfortable ride, a lengthy list of advanced features, and great towing capacity, the 2019 Lincoln Navigator easily finishes near the top of our luxury large SUV cars.

Mercedes G63 2017

Mercedes G63 2017 for Rent in Dubai is available in our Dubai fleet. G Series is known worldwide for its extremely high standard of luxury found in every model. Being at the wheel of a MERCEDES G63AMG is an unforgettable experience, especially for power and luxury car rental lovers. In that case, you can rent the MERCEDES G63 AMG at BE VIP Luxury Car Rental in Dubai.

Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes GLE Coupe for rent in Dubai is the soul of a sports car, the power of an SUV, and the luxury of a coupe. Its expressive design combines SUV and coupé features with Performance and agility. With its sensationally sporty design. A revolutionary cockpit. And fully active suspension that raises the benchmark in its class. The GLE Coupe blends all-encompassed creativity, durability, and technology in one. Every GLE Coupe is the product of craftsmen, designers and engineers who live to test limits and for a singular goal: Driving Performance.

Mercedes S63 Coupe 2017

Superior performance, exquisite style, and cutting-edge technology are what you expect from Mercedes S63 Coupe 2017 For Rent in Dubai from Be VIP Rent A Car in Dubai. For as long as you drive your vehicle, our commitment to you continues with world-class Be VIP services. The S 63 AMG Coupé also boasts exciting looks to emphasize its sporty performance: it exudes dominance and hallmark Mercedes-Benz sensual purity. The design is a stage for the exciting technology at the heart of the new dream car.

Mercedes S560 2019

With its ideal proportions and distinctive details, the Mercedes S560 2019 for rent in Dubai is at once majestic and athletic. Therefore a perfect fit for the VIP Clients of Be VIP for luxury car rental in Dubai. From the double chrome bars in its grille and elegant front apron to its strong rear shoulders, it conveys the power and strength of this majestic S560. At the same time, the palatial S-Class cabin is overflowing with advanced technology.

Mercedes S500

Mercedes S500 for rent in Dubai is one of Dubai’s most popular luxury car rentals. It embodies several best-in-class interior features, including automated perfume function, Arabic handwriting recognition, and more. This model of Mercedes S 500 for rent in Dubai embodies the best of the brand with its superb comforts, high-end amenities and top performance. Its luxurious look and feel are reinforced through its elegant, evocative exterior. Also, fine materials with attention to detail are used in its interior design.

Mercedes SLK

The Mercedes-Benz SLK from Be VIP Rent a car in Dubai is the ideal vehicle for any driver looking for some fun and adventure. Whether on a long road trip or cruising the city streets, renting a Mercedes-Benz convertible in Dubai from Be VIP is a perfect choice. Rent this Mercedes S Series and discover why everyone is talking about Be VIP Rent A Car in Dubai and Be VIP guarantee you to receive a Mercedes-Benz car.