BMW 730 Li

BMW 730 Li is now available at Be VIP luxury car rental in Dubai that stands out from the crowd. Not only does the full-size sedan offer all of the latest high-tech features, but it also rewards the driver with a very exhilarating driving experience. Whether traveling to a business meeting or taking the kids on a family vacation, you can expect the BMW 730 Li to get you there in unmatched comfort.

BMW 740li

Anyone who has ever taken a seat in BMW 740Li for rent in Dubai knows what luxury feels like. Moreover, the BMW 7 Series impresses with its striking presence from the very first moment. The luxurious comfort of the Executive Lounge surrounds you from the moment you take your seat. Likewise, the massage function in the cockpit and rear seat provides soothing relaxation. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to operate individual functions quickly and conveniently. A new era of technology. Thus, both shorter journeys and longer journeys become unforgettable experiences.

Mercedes S500 2021

The new Mercedes S500 2021 for rent in Dubai is the most advanced sedan in the fleet of Be VIP for luxury car rental. Moreover, this vehicle has driven best-in-class comfort, elegance, safety, and technology standards. Therefore, we provide the ultimate luxury for our clients, reimagining what’s possible for the best luxury car rental service in Dubai to Enjoy the journey with your loved ones and arrive in a relaxed style.

Mercedes S500

Mercedes S500 for rent in Dubai is one of Dubai’s most popular luxury car rentals. It embodies several best-in-class interior features, including automated perfume function, Arabic handwriting recognition, and more. This model of Mercedes S 500 for rent in Dubai embodies the best of the brand with its superb comforts, high-end amenities and top performance. Its luxurious look and feel are reinforced through its elegant, evocative exterior. Also, fine materials with attention to detail are used in its interior design.

Mercedes C200

Mercedes C200 for rent in Dubai is a sporty, spacious and sleek luxury car. The C-Class proves there’s nothing as elegant as a true athlete. Muscular lines trace a body that’s lean, confident and capable. A seamless flow of passion and precision describe its looks and define its every move. The C-200 cabin is a triumph of form and function. Thus, entertainment, engagement and enjoyment flow freely from intuitive controls and vivid displays. Innovative comforts rejuvenate your senses.

Porsche Panamera 2020

The new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet for rent in Dubai reflects the past and future vision. The 911 Carrera combines the power of a sports car with great interior comfort and the latest technology. Thus, makes your everyday life easier. And the unique technical layout. 2+2 seats are ideal for a compact, thoroughbred sports car that also meets daily driving challenges. So, if you’re going to rent your next sports car, Be VIP encourages you to stop by to look at one of the most highly-performance sports car rentals in Dubai.

Porsche Panamera

Rent Porsche Panamera from Be VIP luxury car rental in Dubai and discover why this ground-breaking sports car is so popular with the rich and famous. Besides being a Porsche, there are many supplies including sports seats with 18-way adjustability, ventilated seats, soft-close doors and four-zone automatic climate control. The interior has been completely restyled, and nevertheless, remains typically Porsche.

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur is available at BE VIP Rent a Car in Dubai. The Bentley Flying Spur lives up to its name and reputation; when renting a Bentley Flying Spur, one should consider that this luxurious car rental serves as the most potent saloon for Bentley.

Rolls Royce Ghost

BE VIP luxury car rental in Dubai is the best-guaranteed luxury and sports car rental solution in the emirate of Dubai and the whole of the UAE with its line ups that resemble this Rolls Royce Ghost For Rent in Dubai. Ghost exudes simplicity as a design statement of Rolls-Royce. Fluid lines give it a dynamic and contemporary profile: thus offers a powerful look accentuated by the subtle sculpting at the front and the latest evolution of the iconic grille.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2018

BE VIP is proud to offer the new Rolls-Royce Ghost 2018 for rent in Dubai a more confident and poised visual performance. Besides, new sweeping lines below the front grille and design updates give a focus that enhances its charisma – this is a motor car that is always dynamic, even when perfectly still.